Research Learning Log #2

Sally Mann
Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Pivotal Point

Jean-Baptiste Huynh
Born in 1966 to a French mother and Vietnamese father,  the self taught photographer, Jean-Baptiste Huynhs’ techniques encouraged me to look more at the form and shape, but using props to convey meaning.

In his portraits, he is looking for bright eyes well lit skin, combined with elegance and emotional gazes. His use of light is evident in his work as he would place soft boxes close to his models in order to achieve this.

His use on objects like using mirrors, fire and every day objects (cutlery), reflects my own work where I have used these objects in, (albeit in a different manner, in previous projects), has encouraged me to look at how I can use a combination of his work practices to incorporate them in my own ideas, as seen in the photographs below.

Dog in the Fire

Dog in the Fire

Sally Mann



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