Previous Research

Previous research can be found at this LINK

The following links for research on:

(click on name/heading to jump to the required paragraph on this page, this will take you to my thoughts/research on the subject that I have carried out)

 Cropping  Framing            Where do you look?        Formalism      

   Exposure           Camera Obscura         Cyanotype V  Daguerreotype     

  Studio Lighting

Photographers and Artists

Gillian Wearing       Duane Michals        Gawain Barnards        Keith Arnatt 

 Tina Barney           Karen Knorr         Tyler Sheilds       Alfred Stieglitz      Thomas Ruff 

  John Szarkowski           Sir David Brewster        Georges Rousses         Anna Atkins 

 Julian Beever        Adrian Dennis        Simeon Quarrie          Don McCullin

Ansel Adams         Fay Godwin



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