Assignment 3 asks us to produce 6 – 8 high quality prints depicting a decisive moment. I have chosen Eyton Races as a venue. I have checked with that I will be able to take photographs for my assignment and there is no problem.

Eyton Races Website   accessed 03/05/2015

1. Checked the weather for the day, mainly sunny, no rain, bit of wind, but warm
2. Checked rules for dress at a this race and looked at the photographs from years race, and they seem to be in casual clothes.

3. Check batteries, cameras, storage cards, tripod, because I am only going to have one shot at this and I have to get it right
4. Check route and travel times, check start times, opening times
5. Snacks drinks
6. Student id card

The plan is to have the following photographs for my assignment, catching the moment:

1. A group of excited hounds, massing together, using a wide lens
2. Horses jumping over the fence. Getting as close as I can to the action, using a long lens, freezing the moment, and maybe one or two with motion blur
3. Prize giving in the arena, long lens as I don’t know what access I will have to the arena
4. Sponsors Tent. The action going on behind the scenes. Wide lens, as I want to capture as much of the action going on as possible
5. People buying tickets, making a bet, getting expressions of hope in their faces
6. Used tickets on the floor, disappointment, would love to get one with someone throwing their ticket away and the expression of their face because they lost
7. Horse past the finishing point, long lens,
8.  Peoples reaction to winning and loosing at the exact end of a race. I will need to be opposite the crowd or along side a large group of people, wide lens

– Others, people arriving, paying, parking,
– If I can get to the stables, I would like to get some of the horses being prepared for the race and being cared for after the race, but I will  have to wait and see what access I am allowed to have


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