Part 4 – Assignment 4 – Review and Reflection

In this series I have experimented with artificial light. Its the first time I have used my own studio equipment and set up. I am pleased with the way things turned out, and the finished images.

On reviewing the tutor notes I find it quite positive, and reflects the learning that has taken place.

Tutor Notes: I am interested in the image of your daughter ripping through the photograph of your mother. Compositionally and tonally an interesting image, with good use of a prop. However in the context of this series which uses your daughter as subject to explore a variety of emotions I wonder whether it portrays your carefully considered message? As you daughter is the subject, potentially the audience might assume the title refers to her ‘wishful thinking’, but in the act of tearing through her grandmothers image what is she wishing for? 

I didn’t really feel that my daughter was the subject, what I was trying to express was a feeling or emotion, I did not see my daughter as the ‘subject’, the subject was more of a theme, that of a feeling or emotion. The image of my daughter ripping through the photograph of my mother was meant to convey the feeling an older person may feel, that of the feeling that younger person is inside. This I felt was inspired from personal experience as I reach my 60th birthday but certainly don’t feel like a 60 year old.  I remember when I was in my 20’s that I thought 60 was old, and that these ‘old’ people had were now all worn out and had no life. This is what I was trying to express. Although my tutors comments have given me food for thought.

I was using light to convey the feeling or emotion. using shadow, contrast and expression to finish the story in each image. I ask myself the question, how much of a part did my daughter play on this series? If I had used different lighting and the same expressions on my daughters face, would it have conveyed the same story? I don’t think it would. I think a different story would be told.  I suppose there is a collaboration between the setting, light and expression of the human face, to convey the story I was telling in each image.

I feel this assignment has developed my technical skills further. I was able to use experimentation and creative concepts to bring my ideas to fruition. Its the first time I have really used props in a metaphoric way, such as a veil, mask and glass. I has taught me that there are many components that have to come together to give the viewer a good insight into the meaning behind the image.