EYV Part 5 – Assignment 5 – Review and Reflection

Reading through the tutor notes, I agree that the title of the series does not really reflect the series that I chose for submission. I would need to submit more than 10 images to really record the whole journey from the Walker Gallery to my sisters house.

Tutor Notes: “I recorded the train journey home, back to my sisters house were I was staying for the weekend”

But given the train journey and your statement above I wonder why there are no images from on the train, whether looking out the window or of the other passengers? If the final destination your sisters house could you have captured more of that side of the journey, as the set seems predominately about Liverpool? Was there a reason for your focus on the first part of the journey? Do you feel your images reflect your original intention? 

I worked hard in choosing the final ten images for submission and like them a lot. It was not an easy task. With this in mind I have slightly changed some sentences in my submission to reflect the journey from the gallery to the station, leaving the last image of Grove Road Station and the epilogue to the narrative.

Tutor NotesPerhaps given the focus on the Liverpool side of the journey, the on-coming train could be the end of the set, leaving the destination more open for the viewer and instead of the Wirral station, include another shot in Liverpool and adjust your notes about the journey you are taking? Or maybe consider adjusting your final selection in another way.

I agree that it would have been good to compare the two stations, and have parallel  images of the stations. This would have been a good idea at the time. But I have decided to adjust my notes about the journey I took.

Tutor Notes: In Image 2 you acknowledge setting the scene for the viewer, including the Liver buildings, however if you title your images, you have already given them the location. The image itself is gives a sense of the heavy overcast day, and the figure help direct our eye into the image. 

I like to title images, and still feel its important to use the city scape in this series. In order to take on board and act on advice from the tutor, rather than remove Image 2, I have taken away ‘Liverpool’ in the title of the Image 1. Since researching Karen Knorr  I have come to see the value of adding title and texts to images.

I have visited exhibitions and at times looked at images and thought, ‘It says nothing to me, what is it?”  In my opinion, adding text adds in directing the viewer to what you want them to see.  Additionally, omitting text in some cases, will cause the viewer to think about what they perceive is being told in the narrative. As was the case when I visited an exhibition by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, in Derby.  So with this in mind, adding or omitting text has to be in line with how much and what you want to convey to the viewer.

Tutor Notes: Image 7 the corridor really captures the sense of train travel and the long sterile corridors between trains. I am interested by the fact that this is the only portrait format image in the set and how you think that effects the balance of the whole set when printed? 

Image 7 is my take on Tyler Shields as I wrote in my research section, its my ‘kink’ in the series;

Tyler Shields I found some of Tyler Shields work very provocative, some had the shock value, while others where beautiful or grotesque. He seems to want to shock the spectator. In his series of photographs PROVOCATOR, he mixes black & white and colour. Here he uses, cigarettes, lipstick and underwear, but for some reason then moves away from the cigarette in some of the images. This puts a kink in the story. He seems to do this in quite a few of his collections. I would have thought this would detract from the story line, for example in  ‘Death by Rolls Royce‘, there was not one cigarette in sight, I think the kink in the story is there to make the spectator, further question the meaning of the whole series”.

Tutor Notes: The next shot of the board (Image 6) gives us a sense of time passing from the time on the clock in the previous image, and makes me wonder about the use of clock faces to denote time passing and whether that could have been a useful prop to explore in your images. Equally given the portrait framing of the corridor could this board shot have been taken as a vertical frame to capture the heads of the other travellers looking up at the board, and balance the set?

Good point, it would have been better to include the heads. I will take that away and work on it for my next works.

I will look at the works of the people the tutor has advised.

I feel  I have used my technical knowledge during this assignment in the setting of various camera settings to suit the environment and light. Working indoors and outdoors. I have been visual aware of my surroundings able to use my observational skills in the composition of each image.

I feel I have been able to communicate  the series in a coherent manner, communicating my idea to the viewer in a creative way.

My learning log is spread over 3 sites, but I have been able to link it so the person navigating my work is able to transcend through the log with smooth transition from one part to another.

Domonic Pote
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https://lpbcourtney.wordpress.com/reasearch/#Karen Knorr
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