Assignment 5 – Preparation and Planning


EYV Part 5 – Assignment 5 – Photography is Simple
Lucy Courtney 513637
BA (hons) Photography Degree

The Brief

Take 10 photographs
The hardest thing I found in this assignment is choosing a subject. Initially I didn’t understand what was required by the brief. Did I need to produce 10 images of the same item adding new information to each shot, for example a hair brush taken at differing angles or was the brief asking you to take 10 shots connected by the subject. After a telephone conversation with OCA, it was decided that the ‘subject’ was to be the same. I decided that I would take two sets of photographs. The first was to use the same subject, telling one story, then to take a second set with the subject being the ‘theme or heading’ for example, ‘my day’ 

Thought 1. Theme/Subject – Travelling Home
As I had made arrangements to visit the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, I intended taking a series of shots as I travelled from Walker Gallery, Liverpool, to Lime Street station then carry on home to Grove Road Station on the Wirral.

My initial planning took two trains of thought. Would I take photographs of people on the train, and incorporate street photography, combining photojournalism to tell the story. The second train of thought was to take shots of the actual journey as I walked to the Lime station, then through the station, with the last image being a shot of Grove Street station. The latter was my choice.

I knew I wanted the first photograph in the series to be of the Walker Art Gallery, and the last to be of the little station on the Wirral in Grove Road. There would have to be a photograph of the outside of Lime Street, and one of the walk to Lime street. As a disabled person I would have to use the lift to take me to the platform and along a corridor leading from the lift to the platform. This would make a great shot using the many lines and diagonals, giving the shot interest. This then raises the the question, how many shots do I take on the platform, perhaps no train in the shot, train arriving, train leaving…(of cause I had to be on the platform to take that one) Then arriving at Grove Road and leaving the platform.

Getting enough shots would be no problem, the problem I saw was that I would end up with too many shots, and would have to choose the 10 that would make the story of the journey flow. Additionally, would leaving out certain shots make the series disjointed? So it was suck it and see time.

I would have my camera with me, including spare batteries.  I just need to plan when and were to take the most important shots.

  1. Walker Art Gallery
  2. Walking along the road, with an icon of reference to let the view know where I was, Liverpool, liver birds
  3. Walking along the road, with a sign to where I was going, Station
  4. Photograph of the station, with people coming and going, showing a busy City life
  5. Inside the station, with lots of movement and activity
  6. Clock showing the time
  7. Board showing train times
  8. Sign for the lift, disabled access
  9. Inside the lift
  10. Corridor to the platform
  11. Platform, people waiting, no train
  12. Platform, train lights just appearing
  13. Train arriving on the platform
  14. Train leaving platform
  15. Train journey
  16. Arriving at Grove Road, Photograph sign for station??
  17. Leaving station
  18. image of the station from up the road

That leaves me with 18 shots???? I will have to make some decisions which to use

Thought 2.  Same subject photographed.

While in Malta, I took the opportunity to find a subject here. My husband an ex Royal Navy sailor wanted to go down to the docks in Valletta as his old ship, HMS Bulwark was visiting the Island. Quite by coincidence this coincided with the Queen’s visit to Malta and the docks. I thought this would be a good photo opportunity.  But what to photograph, and what’s the story??

On the way to the docks, many black cars and police on motor bikes passed us, this is when I realised that the Queen was in the area. As we arrived at the docks, we were directed away from the main dock area by police and army personal. I saw a Maltese family standing on the island in the middle of the road and asked what was going on.

After some discussion, and a chat with the Maltese family and local policeman, I found out that the queen would be taking a ‘Drive Past‘ the Bulwark, right where we were standing. I would only have a window of a few seconds to take the shot of the queen if I wanted to incorporate it into my story, and then it would be chance, if I could get a clear shot through the darkened windows of a moving car????

My initial thoughts were to take a number of shots, at different angles of the ship, the ship being the subject. The idea is to show the differing elements that make up this magnificent ship. I thought about adding my husband into the shots but that may detract from the ship itself, and the ship is the subject. I would wait until the queen past and then I would see where the best view points would be for the shots I wanted.

  1. A shot of the whole ship
  2. The bow
  3. The stern
  4. The life boats
  5. People/Sailors
  6. Gangplank
  7. Radar Ariel
  8. Shot showing size
  9. Security at the dock
  10. My husband with the ship in the background
  11. The ships symbol
  12. The Queen????? Police??? Maltese Army??? Men in black???

I re read the brief for this assignment to get a better insight as to what was required, and I still find I cannot make a decision,as its still not clear what is required to fulfil the brief

Brief Take a series of 10 photographs of any subject of your own choosing. Each photograph must be a unique view of the same subject; in other words, it must contain some ‘new information’ rather than repeat the information of the previous image. Pay attention to the order of the series; if you’re submitting prints, number them on the back. There should be a clear sense of development through the sequence.

I am still no wiser as to whether the subject has to be an item ie differing views of the ship, OR, a subject being the theme, like the journey home?????? I need to speak to my tutor and OCA again.

After some thought, I have decided on the Journey home.