Assignment 4 Preparation

Brief for Assignment 4

Revisit one of the exercises on daylight, artificial light or studio light from Part Four (4.2, 4.3 or 4.4) and prepare it for formal assignment submission:

  • Create a set of between six and ten finished images. For the images to work naturally as a series there should be a linking theme, for instance a subject, or a particular period of time.
  • Include annotated contact sheets of all of the photographs that you’ve shot for the exercise (see notes on the contact sheet in Part Three).
  • Assignment notes are an important part of every assignment. Begin your notes with an introduction outlining why you selected this particular exercise for the assignment, followed by a description of your ‘process'(the series of steps you took to make the photographs). Reference at least one of the photographers mentioned in Part Four in your assignment notes, showing how their approach to light might link in to your own work. Conclude your notes with a personal reflection on how you’ve developed the exercise in order to meet the descriptors of the Creativity criteria. Write 500-1,000 words. Include a link (or scanned pages) to Exercise 4.5 in your learning log for your tutor’s comments.

Assignment 4 requires that I revisit previous exercises in Part 4 and elaborate and develop one of them further. After a great deal of thought and revisiting exercises in part 4 and I have decided to develop Exercise 4.4 further.

After looking further into the works of Jean-Baptiste Huynh, I noted some similarities in the way I look at some areas of photography and decided to combine his way and thoughts of working with my own, developing my own voice. I will be setting up a studio environment at home and using the soft boxes close to the model as Jean-Baptiste Huynh has  done in the past.

I will be working in a studio environment, with my daughter as model. I like my images to evoke thought and some emotion. The images I will be taking for the assignment will consist of:

  1. A photo of my mother, ripped in half and my daughter’s face showing through the rip, showing the youth that an older person feels inside. This will challenge my ability to photograph a photograph in artificial light yet having enough lighting to illuminate my daughters face
  2. Using rim lighting. I find that this can produce some very sensual images and having the right light in the correct place is so important
  3. Using glass in front of my daughter at taking her image through the glass will produce another effect
  4. I have seen photographs that are a type of Picasso drawing, using colour or manipulation to produce an image that can be looked at and seems to emanate from two angles
  5. As I have been working with shadows in some of the exercises I will be experimenting with causing line shadows across my daughter’s face
  6. Using a thin veil over the face will produce a soft look, and the correct lighting will enhance the effect I want to achieve
  7. Having my daughter blow bubbles and having some burst will be difficult to achieve, but I am hoping this will produce a magical effect
  8. Cutting out a heart shape and using it a frame when taking the shot, will produce a softening effect, how this can be done is something I will have to experiment with
  9. Using candles, I am hoping to either have an image with a lit candle giving a warm glow to one side of the face OR my daughter blowing out the candle and recoding the smoke in the image
  10. Using a masquerade mask, I am hoping to produce a fantasy image with coloured lighting, by putting a red scarf over the light source
  11. Using a mirror… not too sure what effect I want yet but reflection is something I want to use, this will have some disadvantages as I will have to make sure that there is no light reflected from the soft boxes, but will challenge my abilities

I think these images will develop my art further and feed my need for being creative in my work

Planned studio for Lighting

Scan_20150824 (2) Scan_20150824