Assignment 2 – Reflection and Thought Process

Background & Planning

Wanting to create a series that will give the viewer/spectator something to think about, I sat and thought about a number of topics.  I wanted to come away from the suggested topics in the brief, I want to develop my own idea, something challenging.

Through the letter box I received a large number of flyers; its election time, a time when politicians are working hard to get your vote, coming out of the wood work, and telling you how good life can be with them in charge. Together with this, came a leaflet asking for donations to aid Helped the Aged. In this day and age when people are living longer, my thoughts go to the previous generation. Like my mother who will be ninety next year, and my mother in law, who recently passed away.

These things bring me to my own mortality and thoughts of getting old. I will be 60 next year, what does the future hold for me?  Politicians are promising a good life for all ages, but what I do I see?

In general, and after reading the Age Concern leaflet, I see some older people sad, lonely, money worries, cold and not eating properly. I am glad to say that this does not apply to my own family, but it’s there.  It may sometimes be brushed under the carpet, or we turn a blind eye because it doesn’t affect us.

 I decided that I want my assignment to make a difference, even if only one person who sees my assignment says, ‘Yes, I will knock on the old lady’s door and see if she if ok, and maybe pass the time of day with her’.

Post Turor Report

I have taken on board what the tutor has recommended and split the initial submission into different elements. I have kept the captions as they are an important part of the series, being contradictory to the image itself. I way of presenting inspired by Karen Knorr.

I have added the links to the sites that I followed from Age Concern that uses young people to portray achievement in the older generation through photography.  Also a read about a young photographer Isadora Kosofsky, who spent a few years developing one project about 3 older people and a 3 way relationship.


Throughout Part 2, I have been able to demonstrate an acute awareness of visual skills and compositional skills. In the content of my learning blog, by completing exercises in Part 2 and other exercises, I have demonstrated technical knowledge, and been able to present the blog in a structured and coherent manner..  I have improved, (since the last assignment) in critical reviews. I am still developing as a photographer and have not yet found a particular genre of subject that pleases me more than any other. I am creative and like to think outside the box. Knorr

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